Instantly Verifiable

Make physical documents globally verifiable and impossible to forge

Smart Authenticity System

Provide any document with a verifiable and unique identity along with metadata which can be displayed to the verifier.

Tag your documents with our secure RFID tags, scan them once with your smartphone, and they will be protected and verifiable globally forever.

Riktig brings you the world of Smart Authenticity.

Take control of your brand

Riktig gives you complete control and makes it impossible to forge your documents. Fraudsters are stopped in their tracks because they do not have access to the USB device required to issue documents under your brand.

Simple verification

Verify by tapping your phone against the document. Simple and quick verification means less trouble for your customers, business partners, authorities and auditors.

Where we make a difference

Riktig is suitable to any physical paper which has a value worth protecting. Our offering has proved valuable in the industries of accreditation, education, law and logistics. However, we're always interested to hear about how other industries could make use of our technology.



Let your customers and auditors verify your certificates with an app.



Make your certificates easily verifiable worldwide and protect them from forgery.



Verify that contracts reflect the terms agreed upon and forget about document fraud.

Manifests & Certificates


Get products on shelves quicker by allowing quick and global verification.

Top Benefits of Riktig

Riktig's innovative approach to securing documents provides many unique benefits to you.


Impossible to fake

If a valid RFID tag is attached to the document, it is guaranteed to be authentic.


Simple to verify

Anyone with a smartphone can verify the document in seconds.


Data storage in tags

The RFID tags can store any extra digital data you wish to attach to your physical documents.

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